Real-World Shopping Gets More Interactive


The modern shopper looks very different from the consumer of just a decade ago. Not only can she buy just about anything she wants from any number of online stores, but now that she has a smartphone, she can buy those things from anywhere and at any time she chooses.

U.S. consumers spent over $4 trillion at retail last year, 95% of it at traditional brick and mortar stores. But each year, consumers shift more and more of their spending online. 

The proliferation of smartphones has so far contributed to that shift, most notably with the rise of showrooming, when people find an item they like in a store and order it at a discount from an online retailer.

But smartphones can also fuse the online and real-world experiences in a way that makes in-store shopping better. There’s a large opportunity to help retailers influence shoppers as they’re considering purchases.  

Shopular has a unique vision for how to enhance the in-store shopping experience and we’re pleased to announce today that we’ve partnered with them to build a company around it.

Making Sense of the App Economy

People are buying an ever-growing number of things through app stores, including music, games and productivity tools.  This has given rise to a new digital economy that has emerged over the last several years with app stores at the epicenter.

There are whole companies that only sell through app stores and these days one would be hard pressed to find a large business that isn’t trying to reach customers that way, too. Airlines, banks, media companies and retailers all have their own mobile apps.

But it’s still hard getting any sort of meaningful information about how this new economy really works. App Annie is the first company we’ve found that offers meaningful market data and an analytics platform that allows people to see how mobile apps are faring. More than 300,000 apps are being tracked by their creators using App Annie, providing them with analytics on downloads, revenue, and rankings across several app stores. So far, the company has tracked over 25 billion downloads and $6 billion in app-store revenue. 

Ashmeet Sidana, Foundation Capital, Brian Jacobs, Emergence Capital, John O’Farrell, Andreessen Horowitz, and Pat Grady, Sequoia Capital weigh in on enterprise apps.