Drew and Bryan on Leadership, Hiring and the Future of Dropbox

We met Drew and Arash from Dropbox six years ago in a small apartment in San Francisco. The product hadn’t launched yet and they were the only employees. 

Today, the company has more than 100 million users. 

Recently, Drew and Bryan Schreier, who represents Sequoia on the Dropbox board, sat down for a joint interview with Leena Rao of TechCrunch. It was published last week in three parts, which we’ve included here.  

Part one. Drew reveals how he learned what to expect from top executives and how the company’s momentum helps attract talent. Bryan describes how hiring has changed since Google’s early days. 

Part two.  Drew discusses why he likes to stay on the edge of his comfort zone and the importance of  anticipating the new skills he’ll need at least six months in advance. Bryan discloses Dropbox’s original code name. View on TechCrunch.

Part three. Bryan and Drew talk about companies that seem to be focused solely on consumers and why they are often the ones best positioned to target businesses. View on TechCrunch.

Battlecopters w/ Bryan, Sujay, ChenLi and Drew 
Almost gave Aaref and Bill (seated) haircuts

Battlecopters w/ Bryan, Sujay, ChenLi and Drew 

Almost gave Aaref and Bill (seated) haircuts

“Companies die from not being eaten by their competitors, but from self-inflicted wounds. They don’t have discipline. Their best people get frustrated. They chase all these shiny objects that aren’t core to the business. They become complacent because of early success.”

— Drew Houston, Dropbox

“Dropbox is the Switzerland, an independent company to pull it all together.”

Bryan Schreier, Sequoia Capital on Dropbox.

“People may know us today as the magic folder on their desktop or the app on their phone. But we see ourselves as building the Internet’s file system.”

— Drew Houston, Dropbox

Interview with Drew Houston of Dropbox at GigOM RoadMap Conference -

The company’s success has been greatly aided by the fact that consumers want the same nifty tools they use from home, in the office.


Stellar speaker line-up at GigaOm’s RoadMap conference today.

We are proud to be in business with some of the headliners Airbnb, Dropbox, Inkling, Jawbone and Square.

In the final installment of Dropbox’s founder stories, Drew Houston offers this advice to other founders and entrepreneurs.